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All Web Design Packages  Include

12 Months Web Hosting

The First Year of web hosting is Free, thereafter there will be a yearly hosting cost of between £20 – £80 depending on the clients hosting choices.

Unique Domain Name

The Purchase of a unique domain name is FREE. However, domain names must be renewed on a yearly basis.

Social Media Pages

We will link your website to any or all of your Social Media Pages.

Basic Online SEO

This includes website map submission to Google Search Engine and page meta titles and descriptions.

SSL Certificate

Every time a user enters information into your site, an SSL certificate makes sure the information is secure.

Responsive Website Design

All websites are designed to work and look good on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and PCs.

All our web design packages have various add-on options to enhance your website, such as a portfolio or a blog etc. These additions to your website can be added at a later date or can be added to your initial package.

All Our Websites Are Created Using The 6 Step Design Process

1. Planning Stage

This is about information-gathering and includes establishing client goals, target audience, detailed feature requests and as much information as necessary to fulfil the needs of the client.


2. Wireframe Prototype

At this stage, a Site map and wireframe sketch of the website are created. While creating the sitemap, we have to consider things like how easy will be for the end user to navigate the site?

    3. Layout Design

    During this stage we must keep in mind our target audience. For example, a website aimed at young teenagers should look completely different from the one that’s offering information about pensions.

    4. Development

    At this stage the layout design is translated to actual code that makes the website work,  including any user interactivity. The clients content is also added including text and images.

    5. Testing Program

    Testing the site is used to find out if there are any issues, e.g. broken links that need to be fixed or if there are any problems regarding the responsiveness of the website.

    6. Launch

    The purpose of the launch phase is to prepare the website for public viewing. The website is then moved to its permanent web server. Where it can be viewed by the public.
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