Harry Edgar Songwriter

Harry Edgar Songwriter

Project Description

A one-page website for a singer songwriter, who wished to promote his songs, videos and band.

Project Details

Client: Harry Edgar

Harry’s objective was to promote his music and videos through a website.

It was important to him to be able to upload his songs and videos easily, as well as to let fans know when and where he was going to be performing.

Additionally, he wanted to have a way for people to contact him and for his information to be updated easily.

Upon consultation, it was determined that the best course of action was to adapt what our client was already doing on the internet.

His music was already on the songwriting platform Soundclick and he had videos on YouTube, and he already posted details about his upcoming gigs on his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

So for Harry’s website, we integrated the various web services so that they could be accessed through his website.

Using the SoundClick app and YouTube, we enabled the website visitors to watch his videos and listen to his music.

Twitter was used to display Harry’s upcoming performances.

The website uses WordPress, which allowed Harry to add and edit content as needed.

A one-page website with a Contact form was all that Harry needed to complete his objective.

Harry Edgar is a singer/songwriter and lives on the West Coast of Scotland. He has played in numerous local bands throughout the 70s, 80s and 90s. Harry wrote songs with many of the bands which he played in and they were very popular. He started writing songs on his own and moved over to Canada where he played in clubs but eventually came back to Scotland.

Harry is currently a member of the band Stereo Blond.

Skills Needed: CSS | HTML | PHP | WordPress

Published on: 4 September 2019