PAJ Featured Image Owl Carousel / Slider Plugin for WordPress


  • Display featured images from posts, pages or custom post types as an Owl carousel.
  • Each slide is a link back to the post or custom post type.
  • Select from different categories
  • Easy to install and easy to use
  • Fully responsive OWL Carousel.
  • Mobile, Tablet touch supported.
  • Mouse drag option
  • Multiple Carousels on same page with different content.
  • Uses SrcSet along with column number to improve google page speed results.
  • Use with a shortcode or as a Siteorigin widget.
  • 2 navigation styles
  • Image hover or boxed layout
  • Options to choose the number of slides on desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Option to display post heading, post excerpt and post author etc.
  • Option to choose excerpt length.
  • Font size & colour options
  • Gap between slides option
  • option to make images equal heights
  • Custom prefix for JS to prevent conflict with other plugins and themes.

Plugin Documentation and Demo for wordpress carousel

Once you have installed the plugin, make sure that you have at least four posts with a featured image and you can display the carousel by using the shortcode.

[ paj-owl-slider]

This displays the default carousel.
You can also add a carousel title [ paj-owl-slider title=’My Carousel Title’],

This plugin can also be used as a basic slider and when used with SiteOrigin it can be used as a basic full-width slider.

This code produces the following slider. (In order to set the slide_image_height the force_image_resize must be set to true)

[ paj-owl-slider slides_desktop=’1′ force_image_resize=’true’ slide_image_height=’300′]


This plugin can be used as a SiteOrigin widget, which would require the free SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle plugin to be installed and activated. Also if you are using the excellent SiteOrigin Page Builder, the PAJ Featured Image Owl Carousel widget will be available as a page builder element for easy drag, drop and configure.


SiteOrigin Widget Screenshots

The WordPress carousel shortcode has many options

The following shortcode options are either ‘true’ or ‘false’.
autoplay, loop, pause, display_dots, display_nav,
slide_boxed_layout, touch_drag, mouse_drag, display_heading, display_excerpt, display_category,
display_meta, display_author, force_image_resize

The following options relate to the text sizes of headings, excerpts and meta data, values between 5 and 50:   heading_font_size, text_font_size, meta_font_size

Number of words to be displayed in excerpt: paj_word_count

Number of slides to display on a desktop tablet or mobile, values between 1 and 20: slides_desktop, slides_tablet, slides_mobile

Number of columns on page, only used if having problems with google page speed: column_number

Gap between slides, value between 1 and 50: slide_gap

Speed of Carousel: smart_speed

Carousel Layout has two values: carousel_layout=’original’ or carousel_layout=’layout_1′

You can also choose what post type and category to display including custom post types: paj_post_type, post_category

You can also order the posts: ‘post_order which is either ‘ASC’ or ‘DESC’

This carousel has slide_boxed_layout set to false which changes the slides to a hover effect. Post excerpt is not displayed because it has been set to false.

[ paj-owl-slider slide_boxed_layout=’false’ display_excerpt=’false’ display_category=’true’ heading_font_size=’14’ text_font_size=’12’ slides_desktop=’3′]

This carousel has force_image_resize set to false and the source of the slides is from the custom post type ‘Project’. It also uses the carousel layout style layout_1

[ paj-owl-slider paj_post_type=’project’  force_image_resize=’false’ heading_font_size=’14’ text_font_size=’12’ slides_desktop=’3′ carousel_layout=’layout_1′]

New Options for PAJ Owl Carousel Version 1.1

New shortcode options for heading text, summary text, meta text and slide display options:

Heading Text

Shortcode Values
heading_weight inherit, light, bold, bolder
heading_case inherit, uppercase, lowercase
heading_color must be in hex form eg) #FAEBD7

 Meta Text

Shortcode Values
meta_weight inherit, light, bold, bolder
meta_case inherit, uppercase, lowercase
meta_color must be in hex form eg) #FAEBD7


Summary Text

Shortcode Values
excerpt_weight inherit, light, bold, bolder
excerpt_case inherit, uppercase, lowercase
excerpt_color must be in hex form eg) #FAEBD7


 Slide Display

Shortcode Values
slide_border_style solid, double, groove, ridge, inset, outset, dotted, dashed
slide_border_width 0 to 10
slide_border_color must be in hex form eg) #FAEBD7
slide_background_color must be in hex form eg) #FAEBD7


The following are two carousels created using the new settings:


[ paj-owl-slider force_image_resize=’true’ heading_font_size=’22’ heading_weight=’bold’ meta_font_size=’14’ heading_color=’#eeee22′ slides_desktop=’3′ carousel_layout=’layout_1′ column_number=’3′ slide_background_color= ‘#8224e3′ slide_border_width=’10px’ slide_border_style=’double’ slide_border_color=’#FF0000′ display_meta=’true’ meta_color=’#eeee22′ display_excerpt=’false’]



Please note that the slide_background_color is also the colour of the hover effect as can be seen in the carousel below.


PAJ Featured Image Owl Carousel


  1. Sergio

    Thanks for your plugin.
    It is simple, lite and effective.

    • Phillip Johnson

      Hi Sergio
      Thanks for your comment.

  2. jasper

    how to submit more than 15 elements on the carousal is there a setting to set the no of total item on the page

    • Phillip Johnson

      If you are using the PAJ Featured Image Owl Carousel as a shortcode then at the moment there is no way to increase the number of elements. I may be adding this feature in the future.
      However, if you are using the plugin as a SiteOrigin widget then you can increase the number of elements by entering a value in the ‘Posts Per Page’ setting of the widget.

  3. aruna

    can we add FancyBox this plgin

    • Phillip Johnson

      I have been thinking of adding something like FancyBox to this plugin but it will not be for some months.


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